We illustrate 3 examples of our work here. All required extensive restoration and utilised many cabinet making skills including repair and replacement of broken joints, rails and legs, carving, inlay, fret work, traditional polishing with wax, oil and shellac and metal repairs (casting replacement handles and re-bushing wheels).

Frame 1 shows a mid 18th century chair from a set attributed to Giles Grendey. It suffered appalling fire damage and was minus it’s back. On the left we see it “in the white” and on the right is the finished chair, pictured without it’s drop-in seat.

Frames 2 and 3 show an architect’s table by Gillows c.1790 closed and open. This piece came to us in very poor condition and is pictured fully restored.

Frame 4 shows a fine mahogany chest-on-chest from the 2nd half of the 18th century. On the left it is shown “in the white” and the right shows the finished article. The  bones of an exceptional piece came to us, but it was structurally unsound and much of it was missing, especially the blind fret work and yards of mouldings.